Tactical Gear Reviews

In our time serving in the Australian special forces, we were often asked by our regular army peers and civi friends what sort of gear we use.

We also noted a strong interest from the hunting, hiking, police and survivalist circles to know more about the military gear and outdoor equipment we use. It seems that despite seeking the best gear for a different purpose, we’re all after speed, precision, reliability, ease of use, and durability.

Tactical Boots | Combat Boots | Army Boots

Looking for the best tactical boots? Check out our comprehensive reviews of military combat boots. We don’t leave anything out when it comes to assisting our community in finding the best combat boots. We combine our own experience with thorough research in order to assess leading brands and dark horses. See all footwear

Rucksacks | Backpacks

Looking for the best rucksack to carry your essential gear and supplies? A reliable backpack or rucksack can make all the difference in military operations. We took a closer look at the best backpacks and best military rucksacks on the market, comparing their features and performance from a durability, comfort, capacity and organization standpoint. See all packs

Other Tactical Gear | Accessories | Technology

In the realm of military equipment, it’s often the unsung heroes like watches, knives, head torches and gloves that play a vital role in enhancing the effectiveness and survival of soldiers. These seemingly unassuming accessories are the backbone of a soldier’s toolkit, providing critical support in diverse situations. See all accessories

Why We Review Gear?

We review gear on Development Cell to share individual opinions of special forces soldiers and help military personnel and other passionate people make informed decisions when purchasing military gear.