Things to know on how apply for firearms licence permit in Western Australia

In Western Australia you can get a gun licence for these purposes. Which one you are applying for will impact the documents you’ll need to submit.¹

  1. Recreational hunting shooting
  2. Club use
  3. Occupational use: Primary producer
  4. Occupational use: Nominee of a primary producer
  5. Occupational use: Professional shooter

There are also some differences depending on the type of application you’re submitting.

  • Original application
  • Additional application
  • Co-User application

Applying for a recreational gun licence in Western Australia

Here’s a look at how to apply for a recreational hunting shooting licence or a club licence in WA.¹

Step One: Gather documents

Depending on the gun licence purpose there’s a slight difference in the documents that are required. Keep in mind that a Firearm Serviceability Certificate is only valid for 3 months.

This is what you’ll need for a recreational hunting shooting licence application.

  • A signed property letter from the property owner who’s given permission for you to shoot on their land. It must be issued less than 12 months before the application is lodged and can be signed by someone authorised by the property owner.
  • Visit a registered gun shop to get a Firearm Serviceability Certificate for the gun you’re registering and complete the Firearms Awareness Test (original application only).

Here’s what club applicants need to organise.

  • Go to the firearms club where you’re an active and financial member to get a Club Support Letter that’s signed by the club President, Secretary or other authorised person.
  • Visit a registered gun shop or have an authorised member of an approved club provide a Firearm Serviceability Certificate for the gun you’re registering and complete the Firearms Awareness Test (original application only).

Be aware there are additional rules if you’re trying to apply for a club supported handgun.

  • You must have been a member for at least 6 months to apply
  • If you’ve been a member for less than 12 months there are limits on the type and number of handguns allowed

Step Two: Organise storage

You will need secure storage that’s compliant with Schedule 4 of the Firearms Regulations 1974. It could be located in a home or at a business, such as a registered gun shop, and there are specifications for the construction, doors, hinging mechanisms, locks, locking points and anchoring.

During the application you will need to provide a statutory declaration on Form 22 Storage Statement declaring your firearm storage is compliant, as well as evidence backing your statement, such as receipts and photographs. 

If it’s an original application, organising storage can wait until after you’ve submitted your application and received pre-approval from WA Police. At this point you’ll be sent an Intention to Proceed letter and Form 22 storage package, which need to be completed and returned.

Step Three: Submit the licence application online

In Western Australia, Firearm Licence Applications are first submitted online

During the process you’ll be asked to give a genuine reason for needing each firearm, with the acceptable answers being outlined in Section 11A of the Firearms Act 1973. If applying for a Category B, C, D or H firearm you may also be asked to provide a genuine need. This is outlined in Schedule 3 of the Firearms Regulations 1974.

Step Four: Lodge the Application at Australia Post

After submitting the application online you need to visit Australia Post to lodge it. Take these documents with you.

  • Printed copy of the application summary
  • Supporting documents (copies and originals for sighting)
  • 100 points of identification

Once the application is lodged it’s matched with your online submission and sent to WA Police Force Licensing Services. Original applicants have a 28 day cooling off period from the lodgement date before processing can begin.

Types of gun licence in Western Australia

As mentioned earlier there are five possible purposes for having a gun licence in Western Australia. There are also six categories of gun licence which are outlined in Schedule 3 of the Firearm Regulations 1974.¹

  • Category A: Low powered firearms
  • Category B: High powered firearms
  • Category C: Specially defined rifles and shotguns
  • Category D: Firearms restricted to Commonwealth or State Government
  • Category E: Paintball guns and other non-classified firearms
  • Category H: Handguns

How much a Western Australian gun licence costs in 2023

This is the cost to apply for and maintain a gun licence in Western Australia.

  • $423 application fee (original issue)
  • $285 application fee (additional)
  • $75 annual renewal fee

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